Suzanne Sbarge: Dovetail

Some of the earliest examples of dovetail wood joinery are found in ancient Egyptian burials, places where body and spirit re-aligned and transformed. The hybrid characters in my work are similarly in states of flux, emerging from the unconscious and becoming something real, or exiting the limitations of the natural world and becoming new beings in new dreamscapes. View and collect the artworks here.

Igor Melnikov: Soulscapes

Igor Melnikov’s art defies easy classification. The Russian-born artist resists labels like Figure Painter or Symbolist, insisting that his depictions of physical objects serve as realistic presentations of ideas, rather than coded iconography. See the exhibition here.

Georges Mazilu: Madonnas, Angels, and Candles

Beginning with abstract, organic sketch strokes, Mazilu morphs ambiguous base shapes into human figures in a stunning amalgamation of his skill as a classically-trained painter, and in his vision as an ambitiously contemporary creator. View and collect the artworks here.

Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe — Now Celebrating our 29th Year!

Welcome to the Turner Carroll Gallery. We deal in international contemporary art by established, museum-track artists such as Hung Liu, Judy Chicago, Hunt Slonem, Jamie Brunson, Walter Robinson, Scott Greene, Squeak Carnwath, Raphaelle Goethals, Igor Melnikov, Georges Mazilu, Greg Murr, Wanxin Zhang, Fausto Fernandez, Karen Yank, Traian Filip, Mavis McClure, Matthew Shlian, Suzanne Sbarge, Deborah Oropallo, Rex Ray, Monica Lundy, and Lien Truong.  Our physical space is located on historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  A complete inventory of all artwork is available on this website. Just click on search site or collect now.  Additionally, you can find videos, press releases, articles, and exhibition information on this site.