Science/Art: Shawn Smith, Rusty Scruby, and Matthew Shlian


View works in exhibition. This exhibition is concurrent with Shawn Smith and Rusty Scruby's exhibition at The Grace Museum of Art in Texas, as well as introducing exceptional new Turner Carroll artist Matthew Shlian.  Shlian's works are found in top collections from the Queen of Jordan to Apple--check them out here!

Best of Summer Viewing Room, Curated by Keira Seidenberg, Art History Dept., McGill University, Montreal


View works in Best of Summer Viewing Room, curated by Keira Seidenberg.  Seidenberg is in the art history department at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  Click on an individual image to learn more about it or to acquire.


New Arrivals at Turner Carroll Gallery


We are very happy to present the newest artworks to come to Turner Carroll.  We are proud to exhibit brilliant new and secondary market works by Agnes Martin, Hung Liu, Matthew Shlian, Jamie Brunson, Raphaelle Goethals, Scott Greene, Walter Robinson, Karen Yank, Holly Roberts, Fausto Fernandez, Nina Tichava, Natalie Christensen, and Wanxin Zhang.
See the newest artworks here.

Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe — Now Celebrating our 27th Year!

Welcome to the Turner Carroll Gallery. We deal in international contemporary art by established, museum-track artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Hung Liu, Nina Tichava, Jamie Brunson, Walter Robinson, Scott Greene, Squeak Carnwath, Raphaelle Goethals, Igor Melnikov, Georges Mazilu, Wanxin Zhang, Fausto Fernandez, Karen Yank, Traian Filip, Mavis McClure, Holly Roberts, Suzanne Sbarge, Deborah Oropallo, Rex Ray, and many more.  Our physical space is located on historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  A complete inventory of all artwork is available at this website. Just click on search.  Additionally, you can find videos, press releases, articles, and exhibition information on this site.