Jamie Brunson is an important abstract painter who recently relocated from the San Francisco Bay area to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her abstract compositions refer to color and imagery she sees during her profound Kundalini meditation practice. Jamie Brunson writes of the influence of her meditation practice on her artistic process: “Veils, and Chakras In the Veil and Chakra paintings I’ve translated the physical and perceptual experiences of meditation practice into formal visual language, using the material qualities of paint to mimic experiential phenomena rooted in sensory perception, like blurring, vibration, spatial depth, dispersion, and radiance. I work with a mix of oil paint, alkyd medium and refined beeswax on canvas stretched over panel, applying layers of paint over colored grounds to suggest infinite fields extending beyond the plane of the canvas.
In developing compositions for the Chakra Flowers, I sometimes refer to tantric or mathematical diagrams. The multi-lobed forms are traced with paint using hand cut petal-shaped templates; I brush out and re-trace the lines until the forms begin to take on a blurred, vibratory character. The overall compositions evoke the spinning motion of a chakra as it opens, a particular sensation that can occur in deep Kundalini meditation.
The Veil paintings rely heavily on the material phenomena that occur with wet-into-wet paint application, and with additive and subtractive process. Their surfaces sometimes suggest corresponding forms in the physical world of elements and substances, like water, textiles, or terrain. Any imagery they imply arises completely out of process and manipulation. They are literal records of the act of staying present to participate in the face of change, working cooperatively in a situation that may not be entirely controlled or delimited.
In these bodies of work I’ve deliberately drawn correlations between quiet, contemplative states and formal visual language, balancing between process, reference and metaphor.”

Brunson’s paintings are included in major private and public collections throughout the United States. Among them, the San Jose Museum of Art recently exhibited a Jamie Brunson painting from its permanent collection, in an intriguing exhibition titled “Your Mind, This Moment: Art and the Practice of Attention.

In 2017, Turner Carroll Gallery and Art Advisors will feature Jamie Brunson’s work prominently in an exhibition which pairs her with Nina Tichava, fellow abstract painter, in NEW New Mexico Abstraction: Jamie Brunson and Nina Tichava at Turner Carroll Gallery.

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