Raphaelle Goethals - Contemporary Artist - Turner Carroll Gallery

Liquid Sky (Deep Blue)

Raphaelle Goethals was born in Belgium, and her childhood was spent absorbing the beauty of European art.  Goethals moved to the United States to complete her art degree in Los Angeles, and that is where she finalized her own sensuous abstract style.  After only a short time in the United States, Raphaelle’s works attracted the attention of curators, private collectors, and art critics throughout the U.S., and her paintings became highly desirable additions to their collections.  The U.S. Department of State has curated Raphaelle’s paintings into its Art in Embassies program, thus exhibiting her paintings in such places as the American Embassy in Nigeria.

Raphaelle’s paintings are preoccupied with light and the space between heaven and earth.  She sees painting as a space of exploration, where one can become lost in the atmosphere of beauty.  She places concrete elements like the circle, calligraphic gestural mark, or the spiral, to give the eye and the mind a place to rest while exploring her painting.  She likes to blur the boundaries of material, visual language, and time, by using the historic medium of wax and subtle palette in her highly contemporary, enormously gorgeous paintings.

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