Holly Roberts at the Griffin Museum of Photography

Holly Roberts at the Griffin Museum of Photography

Holly Roberts: 33 Years at the Griffin Museum of Photography

From 11 January to 4 March 2018 the Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts hosts the solo exhibition Holly Roberts: 33 Years.  As the name implies, this exhibition is a retrospective of Holly’s New Mexico work from the past thirty-plus years. The genesis of her work goes back to 1980 when she lived on the Zuni Reservation,quietly painting on photographs she had taken of her husband, children, animals and friends.  On the museum web site Holly states “Animals, people, and people as animals are my most constant themes.  Portraits of men and women have become a larger part of what I do.  Horses, dogs, and birds are the animals I use predominantly since those are the animals I feel most connected to.  If I can find any one theme that runs through my work, it would be a subtle kind of loneliness or feeling of separateness, at times mixed with odd humor.”  Turner Carroll will run a survey of Holly Roberts‘ work in parallel that opens 7 February 2018.

A link to the exhibition is here.  Our write up of the exhibition may be downloaded here.

18 January 2018