Rusty Scruby - Modern Delft

Rusty Scruby – Modern Delft

Harmonies, resonance, dissonance, pattern. These are the guiding principles in Rusty Scruby’s art and life. Mesmerized in his youth by numerical oddities such as pi and counting the number of steps to school and between classes, Scruby, as an adult, continues to strive for a deeper understanding of the universe through both unseen and ubiquitous mathematical relationships. This love of numbers is a way to distill what is around him. He says, “I was obsessed with taking the physical world and mapping it out in my head.” Scruby transcribes his inner world, brimming with numerical relationships, into two- and three-dimensional pieces that have a lyrical presence. He translates the simple patterns of everyday life into complex and immersive mixed media constructions filled with both meaning and beauty. In essence, Scruby is a magician, conjuring up a new way to see the world.

View the works in the exhibition here.