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Artwork Description

1170 POD

Dimensions: 51 x 39.5″
Year: 1998
Media: oil and chalk on paper mounted to canvas

Emmi Whitehorse (Navajo) is one of New Mexico’s most beloved contemporary artists. She has devised her own private language of symbols and marks that draw inspiration from her Native American culture and the New Mexico land. Whitehorse’s marks and gestures suggest ancient memory and they float like poetry in the atmosphere of her abstractions.

In celebration of Santa Fe’s annual Indian Market this weekend, Turner Carroll is honored to feature a remarkable painting by Emmi Whitehorse. Whitehorse has had enormous influence upon the history of art in New Mexico, and her work is critical to understanding the evolution of New Mexico’s powerful community of contemporary artists and what inspires them. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the painting with you.

In the words of New Mexico resident and internationally revered art critic Lucy Lippard, Whitehorse’s works offer us “metaphysical views from the Navajo world. As such, they offer to viewers from ‘both worlds’ a glimpse of what art can be.”