Fausto Fernandez – Black Monolith


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Artwork Description

Fausto Fernandez – Black Monolith

Dimensions: 60 x 60″
Year: 2018
Media: collage, acrylic, oil sticks, spray paint on canvas

Fausto Fernandez’s Black Monolith is one of his finest paintings. This image features a black monolithic, vertical rectangular shape, placed transparently on top of an image of a woman. Black women have born the burden of creation, nourishment, and nurturing humanity far beyond the bounds of their own offspring. They exemplify civilization’s apex of strength, bravery, compassion, and determination.

-Tonya Turner Carroll

Black contains every aspect of the color spectrum. The Pleroma, in the all-encompassing Jungian sense, comes to mind as it is both devoid of color and full of color at the same time.

I love this piece and see a monolith containing the essence of life. We see an image coming forth that is created from every shade of color in the spectrum.

-Stephen Buxton