Georges Mazilu – Les deux ballons


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Artwork Description

Georges Mazilu – Les deux ballons

Dimensions: 31 x 35.25″
Year: 2017
Media: acrylic on canvas

Georges Mazilu plays with movement in “Les Deux Ballons” by rendering two balls, both thrown dynamically, beside two stationary characters—their limbs moving mechanically as if powered by gears or cogs. By placing both figures within the same scene, Mazilu suggests a relationship between the characters, yet their faces turn away from one another, complicating the narrative.

While Georges Mazilu’s oeuvre often focuses on the human form—despite his characters’ unusual proportions and physical compositions—his works begin as loose abstractions that gain recognizability through process. Mazilu describes his paintings as mapping the transition from unconscious to conscious processing and often navigate the tension between his ‘will’ and ‘possibilities’. Mazilu was born in Romania and quickly developed an affinity for producing art, eventually pursuing formal training at the prestigious Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts. After following what might be considered a classical education, Mazilu’s work began to develop a contemporary edge as it encountered the swell of modern art. Mazilu’s works often combine realism with the absurd and touch on the styles of canonical surrealist artists like Hieronymus Bosch or Salvador Dali. Mazilu’s paintings employ muted color palettes and simple backgrounds, drawing viewers’ attention to his carefully rendered characters posing in formal portraiture style or displaying less-than-human behavior.

By Keira Seidenberg, Art History/Gender Studies student, McGill University