Greg Murr – Regenerative


Artwork Description


Dimensions: 60 x 32″
Year: 2018
Media: acrylic on canvas

Greg Murr is a tremendously talented young artist who Turner Carroll was lucky enough to discover when he was still in graduate school at UNM! Even as a young MFA student, Murr’s immense talent was clear, and Turner Carroll began exhibiting his work at that time. Murr’s work was quickly collected by the Whitney Museum of American Art, and he was asked to join the faculty of Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy before moving on to Berlin. The beauty and delicacy of Murr’s paintings and works on paper create a rare sense of serenity in the world of contemporary art.

6/7/19 JKK Sold Veiled Bloom to Nancy Jeffrey for Saks at 15% trade disc. Nancy to send purchase order. She will pay 1/2 and Saks pays balance at delivery. Nancy assures us that they are reliable but sometimes slow.