Hung Liu – Clarence Weems


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Artwork Description

Hung Liu – Clarence Weems

Dimensions: 35 x 34″ size type / 35 x 34″ size type
Year: 2018
Medium: monotype with silver leaf
Edition: CTP 3/4

This image by Hung Liu is a based on a Dorothea Lange portrait of Clarence Weems. She later found out, in a conversation with her friend Carrie Mae Weems, that Clarence was Carrie Mae’s ancestor! This image thus took on even greater meaning for Hung Liu, as Carrie Mae, like Dorothea Lange, was an inspiration for Liu since they had both attended UC San Diego.

One of Liu’s paintings featuring Clarence Weems appears in the retrospective book Hung Liu: Portraits of Promised Lands, published by Yale University Press.