Hung Liu – Open Sky


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Artwork Description

Hung Liu – Open Sky

Dimensions: 32 x 31″ paper / 26 x 26″ plate
Year: 2017
Medium: archival pigment print on paper
Edition: 4/9

This imagery is based upon the Dustbowl and Depression-era photographs of American documentary photographer Dorothea Lange, whom Liu has long admired. By training her attention on the displaced individuals and wandering families of the American Dustbowl, Liu finds a landscape of overarching struggle and underlying humanity that for her is familiar terrain, having been raised in China during an era (Mao’s) of epic revolution, tumult, and displacement. The 1930s Oakies and Bindle-stiff’s wandering like ghosts through Liu’s new paintings are American peasants on their way to California, the promised land.