Hunt Slonem – Ruby Falls Bunny Sculpture


Artwork Description

Hunt Slonem – Ruby Falls Bunny Sculpture

Dimensions: 73.25 x 56.5 x 20″
Year: 2021
Medium: hand crafted triple powder coated chromium stainless steel sculpture
Edition: 1/6

Edition of 6, plus 1 Artists Proof, plus 1 Trial Proof

A timeless silhouette revisited in stainless steel. Intentionally bright in color and referencing one of the artist’s favorite painted wall colors in his studio, the 6ft tall powder coated stainless steel work is an iteration of Hunt’s two-dimensional forms manifested in sculpture. With the same quick and loose gesture as the artist’s hand, the curves and soft angles of the exterior and interior lines of the work are Slonem’s intentional reference of his established painted form.