Jamie Brunson – Gyre


Artwork Description

Jamie Brunson – Gyre

Dimensions: 60 x 48″
Year: 2018
Media: oil and alkyd on polyester over panel

Jamie Brunson, a devout practioner of Kundalini meditation, is committed to telling the visual story of her meditative visions. Gyre, while using soft tones seems to calm have an underlying turbulence, as do rivers and oceans. The graphic imagery in this painting is both structural and freeform. The angled mesh is sturdy while the circular pattern is whirling and ever changing. Green is a healing force while the lavender is what’s really going around you and not what we think we see. Blue is the light we see when our eyes are closed and can linger when they are open.
This work to me is about the fact that things are not as they seem.

-Stephen Buxton