Judy Chicago – Creation of the World Petit Point 1 Diptych


Artwork Description

Judy Chicago – Creation of the World Petit Point 1 Diptych

Dimensions: 12 x 17.5″ each framed / 4.75 x 9″ petit point unframed
Year: 1984
Medium: two framed pieces, one petit point and one notes on paper

Creation of the World PP1 (Petit Point 1), 1984 is one of the only extant detailed petit point works from Chicago’s groundbreaking Birth Project series. The image features woman creating all that exists in the world, celebrating her creative capacity through the birth process. Chicago’s Birth Project works are regarded as groundbreaking depictions of birth from a woman’s point of view, rather than the voyeuristic viewpoint of the male gaze upon the female body. This work is comprised of two framed works: the exquisitely rendered petit point image and the petit point study with notes by Judy Chicago.

Petit point
4.75 x 9 inches – (image)
10.5 x 14.875 inches – (framed)

Needleworker: Rhonda Gerson, Houston

This is a work from Judy Chicago’s Birth Project Series.

It consists of two works:

The original petit point artwork and also the framed color notes and tests for this same artwork.

Petit Point: 4.75 x 9 inches (image size)
Color Notes: 8.5 x 13.5 inches (sheet size)