Karen Yank – XO and the Square


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Artwork Description

Karen Yank – XO and the Square

Dimensions: 32 x 40 x 20”
Year: 2019
Media: Cor-ten, steel and stainless steel

Karen Yank’s XO and the Square takes the feminine idea of signing off letters with ‘XO’ and its connotations of ‘kisses and hugs’ and renders it in a decidedly masculine medium: steel and stainless steel. Yank’s XO series was created for an exhibition in New York after 9/11, a time when she felt society needed a little extra love.

-Shastyn Blomquist
Director, Turner Carroll Gallery

Many of Yank’s award-winning works are featured in museums and galleries throughout the United States. This, along with the large number of public works she has produced, primarily throughout the Southwest, undoubtedly makes her the most established sculptor in the state of New Mexico. Yank’s work will be featured in an exhibition with her mentor Agnes Martin at New Mexico State University’s new museum in 2020.