Lien Truong – Under the Canopy of a Pink Palm


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Artwork Description

Lien Truong – Under the Canopy of a Pink Palm

Dimensions: 84 x 72″ finished size
Year: 2020
Medium: mixed media and silk on canvas

Lien Truong’s “Under the canopy of a Pink Palm” portrays the interdependence of all cultures and races in creating a harmonious world society. In this image, people of various colors of skin coexist. They are liberated and untethered, due to their belief in the beauty of freedom.On the silk are painted interpretations of historic textile designs, mimicking¬†either those hand painted silks from Asia imported into France, Britain and America to adorn the bodies of high society, or scenic textile designs that depicted conquest, colonies and orientalism. The white-yellow bodies are taken from historic orientalist paintings, whose gestures are recast in my paintings, given agency, weaponized, and/or engaging in acts of self-love.