Mavis McClure – Woman and Child (Green)


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Artwork Description

Mavis McClure – Woman and Child (Green)

Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 39″
Year: 2016
Media: glazed ceramic

Mavis McClure says of her work, “I am now, and have as long as I can remember, been completely in love with the human figure. There seems no end to the variations of line, beauty, subtlety, and soul in our form. From Giacometti to Jenny Saville, our figure seems the most compelling element of our existence. In my work, I try to create not merely physical representations, shells, but rather something greater, something deeper, something stronger. A glimpse both inward toward our core and outward toward our potential. I try to build, without ethnicity, without reference
to era, figures that evoke a timeless universal commonality.”