Renee McIVer – Potholders


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Artwork Description

Renee McIVer – Potholders

Dimensions: Large 9 x 9″ finished size
Year: 2022
Medium: washable cotton jersey

Renée McIver is the central figure in the 2011 HBO Documentary Raising Renée. The film follows Renée, who has a mental disability and functions at about a third grade level, and her sister, who became Renée’s primary caretaker after their mother’s death.

Her sister Beverly McIver is an artist at Turner Carroll. Beverly’s relationship with her sister constitutes an important part of her work as an artist, and portraits of Renée appear in many of her exhibitions.

Renée started hand weaving potholders 45 years ago. She makes smaller, coaster-sized 5×5 inch versions as well as large 9×9 inch versions.
Each comes with a tag sewn on that reads, “Made with Love By Renée”.

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