Rex Ray – Untitled (TG-759)


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Artwork Description

Untitled (TG-759)

Dimensions: 39 x 18.38″
Year: 2003
Media: monoprint
Edition: 1/1

Rex Ray’s work, Untitled #759, recalls the French artist Henri Matisse’s paper cut-out and collage works, both for its simplicity of form and representation of a natural detail. While the piece is evocative of a leaf or other organic element, the bright transition from green to yellow is inherently chemical and man-made, propelling the mono print into the genre of representational abstraction. With its degree of symmetricalness and precise edges, the work plays with aspects of pop art, a style Ray is familiar with after his extensive work creating posters and packages for musicians such as Patti Smith and the Rolling Stones.   

Rex Ray’s works have been featured in major museums, such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Denver Art Museum, and Denver Museum of Contemporary Art.