Scott Greene – Mountsanto


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Artwork Description


Dimensions: 72 x 60″
Year: 2018
Media: oil on canvas over panel

“Mountsanto” is one of the most exquisitely painted artworks Scott Greene has created. He worked on the painting for over a year, and the painterly surface, detail, complex composition evince Greene’s incredible skill as a masterful painter.

Art critic Wesley Pulkka writes of Scott Greene’s “Mountsanto”:

“In ‘Mountsanto,’ Greene renders a mountain of sheep, home appliance carcasses, empty oil drums, foliage, an old neon cross and myriad other discards, all being climbed over by an industrial-grade farm tractor belching black smoke. The pyramid of waste reaches into a murky sky like a giant tumor growing on the earth’s surface, the result of corporations like Monsanto controlling what farmers can grow and the invention and exploitation of GMO crops, chemical fertilizers, and patented seeds.”