Sophie Edwards – The Bond Between a Horse and Their Rider


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Artwork Description

The Bond Between a Horse and Their Rider

Dimensions: 11 x 14
Media: acrylic on canvas board

“In today’s modern society, I find the kindness people are treating others with is depleting. There is too much negativity and not enough positivity, so in this piece I am speaking out with horses. It may seem crazy, but horses truly are a man’s best friend. There is a beautiful, unspoken, bond between a horse and their rider. Many people today use horses for therapeutic riding to help people with mental and physical disabilities. Most of the people that come to the therapeutic riding places have experienced some sort of negativity from other people in their life. Whether it be rude remarks or judge mental gestures, most of them have experienced it. I believe that if more people spent time with horses in a very judge free zone, they would develop a bond that is unlike any human bond, and it would teach people to treat others the way they would treat their horse. Although, the language between a horse and rider is silent, it can be very powerful because these two have to trust one another without a single word.” Sophie Edwards