Swoon – George


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Artwork Description

Swoon – George

Dimensions: 60 x 60″ finished size
Year: 2017
Medium: block print and acrylic gouache on paper
and wood

George is a community-inspired persona Swoon presents repeatedly to symbolize kindness and the joy of transformation. Swoon met him while she was working on a community art project in Pennsylvania, helping people heal from trauma and addiction. As she shared her story of growing up with parents addicted to drugs, she was struck by the way George looked directly into her eyes, “saw her pain, and let her know it would be okay and she could overcome it.” She made her image of George “so he could receive the same kindness she felt from him, in being truly seen.” Swoon calls these archetypes into service to spread her most precious messages of healing the trauma communities face, through art. The human beings she interacts with in the communities where she works become the faces and voices of her message, empowering them to see themselves (literally) as the agents of positive change.