Artwork Description

Christmas Fist

Dimensions: 29 x 5 x 5″
Year: 1996
Media: polychromed wood

Christmas Fist by artist Walter Robinson is an enlarged Christmas tree ornament in the shape of a fist. It is a composite symbol that encompasses all of the joyous festivity and family discord experienced during the holidays. The powerful fist and the anger and violence it represents creates cognitive dissonance when juxtaposed by the happy nostalgia invoked by the Christmas ornament. The artist brings to light the fact that we may not be able to face the true nature of our familial relations.

Walter Robinson’s works in the medium of visual metaphor. His works are language puzzles waiting to be solved in the mind of the viewer. Using wit, pun, synonym, and homonym, each piece contains multiple layers of encoded information, popular references, and personal histories. They must be taken in the context in and of themselves to be solved and resolved.