Walter Robinson – Cure (Freud Pops)


Artwork Description

Cure (Freud Pops)

Dimensions: 37 x 20 x 9″
Year: 2012
Media: epoxy, wood

Walter Robinson often uses pop imagery to prove his point. Cure (Freud Pops) represent the candy-coated promise offered by popular psychology. In our society, we think we can consume such pop psychology and instantly, painlessly, be “cured.” The irony being that much of Freud’s theories, being the subject of any Psychology 101 course, have largely been debunked or proven unhelpful. The consumption aspect of these Freud Pops also refers to contemporary societies reliance on pharmaceuticals to “cure” psychological ills.

Walter Robinson’s works in the medium of visual metaphor. His works are language puzzles waiting to be solved in the mind of the viewer. Using wit, pun, synonym, and homonym, each piece contains multiple layers of encoded information, popular references, and personal histories. They must be taken in the context in and of themselves to be solved and resolved.