Walter Robinson – Juice 2


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Artwork Description

Walter Robinson – Juice 2

Dimensions: 34 x 45 x 11″
Year: 2020
Media: wood, polyester resin, iron paint, found metal globe, human hair

Walter Robinson’s Juice 2 comments on the world’s confrontation of a series of interrelated crises: issues of economic and social inequality, overpopulation, and environmental collapse. The political and economic power structures controlling the globe have promoted behaviors and beliefs that actively ignore these problems and even exacerbate them by encouraging increased consumption and greater class division.

The health of the planet is an overarching problem that affects everyone. New Mexico and the Southwest are full of mineral resources that have been exploited with little oversight, and current deregulation is speeding up this destructive process. In this mixed media sculpture, Juice 2, Robinson depicts an exaggerated parody of the situation as he sees it, using humor and absurdity to illustrate the danger of ignoring the obvious issues of our world.

Robinson’s work like Juice 2 investigates the mechanics of cultural and social anthropology. Using text and the strategies of appropriation, conflation, and dislocation, he uncovers the subconscious and biological human imperatives hidden beneath social, political, religious, and capitalist packaging.