Artwork Description

Walter Robinson – Prisma

Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 x 3.5″
Year: 2017
Media: wood and flocking

Walter Robinson often uses cryptic messaging in his visual works like Prisma. Here, he uses words to describe the world, yet the words don’t match the reality the images depict. This is often the case in contemporary society. There is a philosophical understanding of language–the Situationist philosophy, that deals with the way language is used to possess or dispossess certain groups of people. This image is almost like fake news–the way words are used does not match reality, just as in the way words are used by contemporary politicians as disinformation.

Robinson’s work investigates the mechanics of cultural and social anthropology. Using text and the strategies of appropriation, conflation, and dislocation, he uncovers the subconscious and biological human imperatives hidden beneath social, political, religious, and capitalist packaging.