Turner Carroll Exhibition Glow Reviewed in VAS

Glow: Riffs on Beauty Reigns

Glow: Riffs on Beauty Reigns

Visual Art Source

Glow – Recommendation in Visual Art Source

Our exhibition “Glow: Riffs on Beauty Reigns” received a very nice recommendation on Visual Art Source. Writer and critic Drew Lenihan noted that the show “…show explodes with painterly vibrancy and poetic abstraction.” We at Turner Carroll love painting, and are very pleased that exhibition artists Rex Ray, Jamie Brunson and Fausto Fernandez were written about that way. A link to the article on VAS is here.

A pdf of the article may be downloaded here.

Rex Ray in Important and Fabulous Exhibition at the McNay Museum


“Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting”

“Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting” runs from 11 June through 17 August at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Included in the show are pieces by artworld favorites Beatriz Milhazes, Ryan McGinness and Annette Davidek. The exhibition, curated by René Paul Barilleaux, “assembles thirteen emerging and mid-career abstract painters whose art is characterized in whole or part by high-key color, obsessive layering of surface imagery, use of overall and repeated patterns, stylized motifs, fragments of representation, and a tension between melancholy and the sublime. To date, little focus has been placed on works which celebrate the exoticism, exuberance, and optimism found in the work of the painters assembled in Beauty Reigns.”

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