Jamie Brunson & Walter Robinson: Coded Language

Jamie Brunson & Walter Robinson: Coded Language

We received two great write-ups for this exhibition recently. An SFR Pick for the week of May 16 in the Santa Fe Reporter, writers Alex De Vore and Pema Baldwin do a great job decoding the kind of language each artist uses in their work. “Robinson’s multimedia sculptures of wood, plastic and steel carry veiled yet substantial political messages that are prone to a wide variety of interpretations. Often, they’re crude, abrasive, and force the viewer to consider the implications of what they’re looking at,” they say. On Jamie Brunson‘s work, “instead of capturing a moment in time or a specific message, Brunson’s pieces are a reflection of her meditative practices used to portray emotions. Brunson captures the feelings of movement and energy with color and line weight.”

Megan Bennett writes in the Albuquerque Journal on Jamie Brunson and Walter Robinson pointing out that they are partners in real life, as well as in art, and how their shared language is put to use with dramatically different results.  The Albuquerque Journal also had an article on Walter Robinson in the exhibition “21st Century Ciphers” at Turner Carroll favorite 516 Arts in Albuquerque.

A link to our exhibition is here.

22 May 2018