Beverly McIver – Father, Cardrew, Seated


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Artwork Description

Beverly McIver – Father, Cardrew, Seated

Dimensions: 60 x 48″ unframed
Year: 2015
Medium: oil on canvas

Beverly McIver grew up in the projects of Greensboro, North Carolina, with a single mom and two sisters, one of whom had a mental disability. Her mother worked as a housekeeper in a white woman’s house in the wealthy part of town.

It wasn’t until Beverly was 16 years old that her mother told her she had a different father from her two siblings, and McIver set out to get to know her father right away. She found him–Cardrew– to be kind and caring, and she grew to love him deeply. McIver bought a house for her dad, and later moved him into her own house to take care of him as his life was ending.