Fausto Fernandez – Propeller


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Artwork Description


Dimensions: 32 x 22″
Year: 2018
Media: collage, acrylic, spray paint on canvas

Fausto Fernandez is an exciting artist from El Paso. He grew up going back and forth across the border from Juarez, Mexico, to El Paso, and the influence of the exuberant culture of Mexico is readily apparent in his paintings. One of the most intriguing aspects of Fausto’s paintings is his use of street culture materials such as spray paint, oil crayon, diamond dust glitter, maps, and wallpaper.

Fausto’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous museums, including a landmark exhibition titled “Beauty Reigns” in the McNay Museum of Art and the Akron Art Museum. The Tucson Museum of Art featured his paintings in their recent “Dress Matters” exhibition, and Fausto’s works are prominently exhibited in New Mexico’s state art collection.