Jim Dine – Heart


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Artwork Description

Jim Dine – Heart

Dimensions: 49.5 x 37″
Year: 2010
Media: lithograph with hand coloring

Jim Dine is one of America’s top contemporary artists. His works are in over 50 museum collections worldwide. His “Heart” lithograph with hand coloring is an extremely collectible work, and is one of his most recognizable images.

-Tonya Turner Carroll

Abundant color in this work reveals with close examination one of Jim Dine’s recurring themes, the heart. The complimentary colors used in this image hide the heart imagery at first, and as we explore it, the heart shape comes to the forefront. The use of all colors in the spectrum create a vibration, as colors play against the multiple layers in this image. Friction and harmony between the colors make the eyes move in an arabesque-like fashion across the picture plane. It’s as if this work uses broad swaths of color to express the love not only of other people, but also of art and the energy of life.

-Stephen Buxton