Natalie Christensen – A Good Day


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Artwork Description

Natalie Christensen – A Good Day

Dimensions: 41.5 x 27.5″
Year: 2017
Media: photographic print on 100% Italian cotton rag paper, with satin UV lamination, mounted to dibond, in shadow box frame
Edition: 1/4

Natalie Christensen’s photography is an extension of her long-term exploration of Jungian psychology. Breaking down her environment into simple compositional elements, Christensen is able to find sublime beauty in vignettes often hidden or ignored. Her treatment of the passing cloud in a deep blue sky set against actual architectural elements in pink helps us recognize the pure beauty that can be found in our everyday environment, if we are mindful enough to look for it.

Natalie Christensen is a photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a frequent contributor to online contemporary and fine art photography magazines, has won several regional awards and shown work in the U.S. and internationally including London, Dusseldorf, New York and Los Angeles. She is one of five invited photographers for the exhibition The National 2018: Best of Contemporary Photography at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and has recently been named one of “Ten Photographers to Watch” by the Los Angeles Center of Digital Art. In addition to pursuing her interests in art and design, Natalie has worked as a psychotherapist for over 25 years and has been particularly influenced by the work of depth psychologist, Carl Jung. This influence is evidenced in her photographs, as shadows and psychological metaphors are favored subjects.