Stephen Hayes – Five Pounds III

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Artwork Description

Stephen Hayes – Five Pounds III

Dimensions: 17″ diameter finished size
Year: 2022
Medium: five pounds of shell casings and hydrostone, mixed media

Stephen Hayes “Five Pounds Series” is thus named because it takes 5 pounds of force to shoot a gun and kill a man. In this work, which has been exhibited and collected by numerous museums, Hayes combines casts of his own hands with bullet shells, personalizing the crisis facing Black men in America today.

Kehinde Wiley awarded Stephen Hayes a Black Rock Residency, to travel to Senegal and create artwork in 2023. There is no doubt that his emergence on the international contemporary art scene with the Kehinde Wiley residency and his poignant traveling museum exhibition Cash Crop will make Stephen Hayes artworks among the most eagerly collected in 2023.