Walter Robinson – Labyrinth/Failed-Wreck


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Artwork Description


Dimensions: 49.38 x 49.38 x 2″
Year: 2018
Media: mixed media

Labyrinth/Failed-Wreck is as much a visual puzzle as it is a word puzzle. As the eye navigates the serpentine bounds of the maze, the mind constructs emergent meaning through spontaneous word pair associations and contemporary socio-political context.

Walter Robinson’s most overtly socio-political works are his Labyrinth works. This particular Labyrinth is featured in 21st Century Cyphers, at 516Arts, Albuquerque’s contemporary art museum. Labyrinth/Failed-Wreck combines the spiritual aspect of completing a labyrinth with text-based collocations—words that have distinctly unrelated meanings on their own, but which take on a new meaning when combined, due to contemporary societal context. Examples of evocative collocations found in Labyrinth are wage/slave, slave/auction, failed/state, state/bird, mother/ship, ship/wreck…

Walter Robinson’s works in the medium of visual metaphor. His works are language puzzles waiting to be solved in the mind of the viewer. Using wit, pun, synonym, and homonym, each piece contains multiple layers of encoded information, popular references, and personal histories. They must be taken in the context in and of themselves to be solved and resolved.